Hydraulic Cylinder Design & Engineering Capabilities

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We are proud to be a custom hydraulic manufacturer that provides you with custom hydraulic cylinders for your specific business needs! Our custom hydraulic manufacturing capabilities include both exceptional design and engineering. Not to mention that we understand the importance of receiving a prototype quickly, custom hydraulic manufacturing, and tailored finishing and painting. We start and end our custom hydraulic cylinder design, engineering, and manufacturing with customer service, our staff works along side of you until your product is delivered 100% to your satisfaction.

You will work hand in hand with our design and engineering staff until we thoroughly understand the requirements for your specific application. Your project will be tailored to your needs using the Solid Words 3D design platform. This platform allows us to offer a wide range of flexibility in customizing and designing your hydraulic cylinder according to your unique requirements. Products are then packed carefully to ensure that your custom designed hydraulic cylinder is delivered free of defects. We are proud to have a history of consistent, and timely deliveries. To read more about our machine shop, click here!

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When any project is in the prototype stage, there is a sense of urgency that must be recognized. Our team is happy to work quickly with you in order to deliver a prototype to you as quickly as possible in order to keep the process moving.


You shouldn’t have to settle for sub par options when it comes to your custom and manufactured designed hydraulic cylinder. With our automated saws and computerized machining capabilities we can offer you customization unlike any other! 

Finishing & Painting

Now your custom hydraulic cylinders will be designed, engineered, and finished to perfection. We offer custom finishing abilities including a fully functional on site paint booth that will produce a high quality product and finish you are proud of.

Added Value for your Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

To add even more value to your custom manufactured hydraulic cylinders we also offer the following rod material options:

  • Chrome – thickness
  • Nitrosteel – for salt and corrosive environments
  • Stainless steel – used in wet areas, washdown etc
  • Chrome Plated Stainless Steel
  • Socatri
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custom manufactured hydraulic cylinders
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custom hydraulic cylinders

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