Re-chroming Service / Custom Seal Kits

Custom Re-chroming for Hydraulic Cylinders

We offer a premium multi-step custom re-chroming and chroming service in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Re-chroming is an important part of maintaining your hydraulic cylinders, and not just for aesthetic purposes. After so many uses cylinders begin to wear down and when that happens the surfaces become marred, which can cause problems with your cylinders and processes. Cylinders that have become marred are prone to leaking as well as having damage to their seals. Re-chroming will give your machinery new life and prevent marring, therefore, preventing other negative consequences of aging machinery.

Your hydraulic cylinders are extremely important to your business and we know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. This is why keeping your machinery working at full capacity by keeping your cylinders in top shape is extremely important. Re-chroming your cylinders regularly, or even just when you start noticing too much wear and tear, will help extend the life of your hydraulic cylinders. Our chroming service will help to increase the durability of your cylinders while strengthening them and increasing their performance.

We are dedicated to helping you to improve your business and continue your operations. We offer custom re-chroming services for your cylinders to keep your productivity high and your repair costs low. Our premium, multi-step re-chroming services will get your cylinders where they need to be in order to keep you working and your business in motion. It is important to get your cylinders re-chromed before it becomes a problem.


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Before & After Our Re-Chroming Services

chroming service
chroming service

Custom Seal Kits

Looking for new seals? All Phase Hydraulics offers custom seal kits for our consumers. Not sure what size you need or the dimensions of your old seals? That’s no problem! Just contact us today, we will have you send us samples of the seals that you need and we can usually get the new seals shipped to you the next day. This simple process allows us to customize your seals and makes it extremely easy for you and your business. Think your seal is too complicated? Not to worry, our team is dedicated to finding a solution and we are able to take care of any need for custom seals you may have.

custom seal kit