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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Are you looking for a reliable business that not only meets your standard hydraulic needs but also has the ability to provide custom hydraulics for your more challenging projects? Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing division is based in Michigan and specializes in custom design, engineering, and rapid prototyping of welded hydraulic cylinders. We provide you with a design staff that is focused on customer service and producing a product that fits your project perfectly. We utilize the Solid Works 3D design platform that allows for a 3D model to be available quickly upon request. Our proprietary design features have made it possible for our Michigan manufactured cylinders to be utilized in markets ranging from forklift trucks to cement mixer trucks to balers – but there is nothing we aren’t willing to tackle.

Our Hydraulic Manufacturing Process


Our hydraulic manufacturing process begins with our team taking the time to walk through your project so that we can thoroughly understand each of our customer’s critical performance requirements and applications. If your project requires a high degree of customization, we can help! Our ability to customize each part specifically allows us to offer a great deal of flexibility to you throughout the entire process from beginning concept to finished product. This is all because our custom manufacturing capabilities include automated saw operations, computerized machining, and wide welding capabilities.

hydraulic cylinder manufacturing
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The process proceeds as all of your hydraulic cylinders are manufactured in our state-of-the-art Michigan facility. The facility is designed in a unique fashion to focus on minimizing delivery lead time so that you can have the quickest access to your product. We understand that waiting for your custom hydraulics is not ideal, so it’s our mission to keep our operations moving quickly so that you can keep your operations moving quickly and smoothly.


Each of our cylinders undergoes rigorous performance testing under power and load to confirm its specifications and durability. We proceed with a quality control procedure to rule out defects and specifications are confirmed in line with our customer’s expectations. After testing and inspections are complete we go through visual inspection and environmental control.

hydraulic cylinder manufacturing
hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Deliver a Quality Product

Each manufactured hydraulic cylinder is made to be both dependable and of the highest quality – we work hard to make applications that apply to a diverse set of markets. Each project and each market has its own set of challenges, but we are always up to the challenge of finding a solution that works for your business. Our team is dedicated to working alongside you until we reach a solution that both works with your process and helps your business flourish. This is what sets us apart from other custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.

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