Hydraulic Jacks

All Phase is proud to carry a full line of American Forge & Foundry hydraulic jacks. Everything from hydraulic service jacks, specialty hydraulic jacks & more. 

Everyone should have an American Forge & Foundry hydraulic jack, they are practical, affordable, compact, and over all an invaluable tool to add to your home. American Forge & Foundry is one of the oldest & most trusted dealers of hydraulic jacks – and All Phase Hydraulics is proud to carry their products for you to then carry into your home.

American Forge and Foundry, Inc. have been providing high quality products since 1963. In addition to durability, reliability, value, and exceptional service, AFF is committed to exceeding the demands of their professional users and customers as well as promoting ensuring their safety.

  • “Forge-tough” heavy-duty and automotive service equipment.
  • American Forge consistently delivers the durability and reliability necessary to meet the needs of service technicians and repair shops nationwide.
  • Tested to meet AFF’s quality standards.
  • Many of their products exceed ANSI requirements for safety and performance.

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American forge jacks
 Some of the American Forge & Foundry Specialty & Service hydraulic jacks that we sell include: 
The Viking 3 Ton Double Pumper Service Jack
The 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
The 7 Ton Forklift Jack
And The 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack.
American Forge Jacks 1

Viking 3 Ton Double Pumper Service Jack

The Viking 3 Ton Double Pumper is ideal for a wide variety of people including the weekend mechanics and the DIY customers.

7 Ton Forklift american forge jacks

7 Ton Forklift Jack

The 7 Ton Forklift Jack is useful in many situations, but is built specifically to provide efficient access to lift a wide range of forklift.

American Forge Jacks 2

2 Ton Low-Profile Floor Jack

The 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack is a compact hydraulic jack that is specifically designed for the lower-profile vehicles of today.

American Forge hydraulic Jacks 1

3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack

The 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack is created to get the vehicle in the air so that a consumer can quickly & efficiently finish any job.

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