What Is A Hydraulic Jack

How Does It Work & Why Is It So Useful?

If you spend any amount of time in the garage working on any sort of equipment or vehicle you may have used a hydraulic jack before. Hydraulic jacks are one of the most common tools used by both full time mechanics as well as mechanical hobbyists. It doesn’t matter if you have barely picked up a wrench before or if you spend 8 hours a day under a vehicle or piece of equipment, everyone needs a hydraulic jack in their assortment of tools.

What is a Hydraulic Jack?

A hydraulic jack is a compact piece of equipment used to lift extreme weights through the use of hydraulic power. They take place in many forms, but by far the most common hydraulic jacks are the ones used for vehicles. Hydraulic jacks all have different capacities for the amount of weight they are able to lift so it is important to know what your goals are for using your jack before purchasing it. To see our hydraulic jack products that we carry, click here – we have a jack for everyone!

How Does a Hydraulic Jack Work?

A hydraulic jack functions by utilizing hydraulic fluid that is pumped through the mechanism by force exerted by the user. When the handle is pumped, the fluid that begins located in the reservoir of the jack is pushed through the valves and into the bottom of the load-bearing cylinder pushing up the load-bearing cylinder as well as whatever item is on top of it (car, equipment, etc.) If you are looking for a great visualization of how a jack functions check out this video

Why Are Hydraulic Jacks So Useful?

They can be used in so many different ways – whether it’s changing a flat tire, raising up your vehicle to take a look at what’s underneath, or it even be lifting up a piece of heavy equipment for a repair that needs to happen. A hydraulic jack allows for us to exert a large amount of force and power through a small, and simple movement making your next mechanical project a whole lot easier.

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