Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Rebuilding in Grand Rapids Michigan

Do you have a broken cylinder or is your current cylinder just not working how it should be? All Phase Hydraulics handles many hydraulic cylinder repair problems from small to big. We are capable of performing everything from cylinder re-seal or a complete cylinder re-chroming or even a hydraulic cylinder rebuild.  We will work quickly to get your hydraulic cylinder repairs finished as soon as possible to make sure you are able to continue your work. We know the time, stress, and money that a damaged machine can cause a company, and we want to prevent any loss for you and your project. All Phase Hydraulics understands your needs and will work tirelessly to make sure you are happy with the work we do and the amount of time we complete it. Our team has years of experience working with this kind of machinery and draws upon that knowledge to diagnose your specific issue as well as the proper way to repair it. Once our team knows the challenge and comes up with a plan the rest is simple. If you are looking for hydraulic cylinder repair near grand rapids Michigan, All Phase Hydraulics has you covered!

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Hydraulic Cylinders Repair & Services

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs: Comprehensive repair solutions for hydraulic cylinders, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  • Complete Hydraulic Cylinder Reseal: Meticulous inspection and resealing of hydraulic cylinders to restore them to peak functionality.

  • Inspections to Offer Repair Services: Thorough assessments of hydraulic cylinders to provide effective repair solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Proper Cleaning to Remove Harmful Contaminants: Thorough cleaning procedures to eliminate contaminants that could impact cylinder performance.

  • Inventory of Tube Stock and Chrome Plated Rods for Quick Turnaround: Readily available inventory for expedited repairs, minimizing equipment downtime.

  • Leak and Pressure Testing: Rigorous testing procedures to ensure hydraulic cylinders are free from leaks and perform optimally.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Honing: Specialized service to achieve flawlessly smooth internal surfaces, enhancing performance and durability.

  • Retubing: Cost-effective solution involving cylinder retubing, restoring functionality and extending lifespan compared to replacements.

  • Repair at the Fraction of the Cost of Replacement: Cost-efficient repair services that significantly reduce expenses compared to complete cylinder replacements.

  • Rod Rechroming: Expertise in addressing corrosion issues through rod rechroming, enhancing cylinder durability and resistance to wear.

  • Telescopic Cylinders: Specialized service for complex telescopic cylinders, including comprehensive Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds to restore precision and functionality. 

We repair all types of cylinders including HYVA, Parker, Hydroline, Vickers, Lynair, Leach, Heil, Prince Commercial, Miller, Custom, & more!
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hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Hydraulic Machining Capabilities

  • Hydraulic cylinder design & engineering
  • 2 Big Bore Fryer Easy Turn Lathes
  • 4” bore Clausing Manual Lathe
  • 6” bore Willis Manual Lathe
  • 9 ¼” bore Lansing Lathe
  • DeVlieg Jig Mill
  • MIG & TIG Welding

Check Out our Engineering Capabilities for Your Custom Hydraulic Needs.

cylinder repair near me
cylinder repair near me

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