Customer Testimonials

Material handling industry

“All Phase Hydraulics’ stepped in and became our premier supplier of custom hydraulic cylinders during a period of time when the previous supplier was performing poorly. All Phase took the ball and has been running forward ever since. Their quality of fabrication is of the highest standard and their lead-times are exceptional. All Phase Hydraulics’ is a top-notch company and I have tremendous faith in their ability to be our single-source supplier of high quality custom hydraulic cylinders that are priced very competitively. Their customer service and support is second to none. I consider All Phase Hydraulics’ to be one of my best suppliers and they respond accordingly.”

Customer from the Wrecker Industry

“We’ve been impressed by the product quality and support received from All Phase. We’ve purchased many cylinders from them in the past 12 months. Their people have brought us superior value.”

Material Handling Industry Customer

“Thanks to everyone at All Phase for improving the delivery date on our order and exceeding our expectations! In this case, the earlier delivery put us back on track for delivering on time to our customer. We appreciate the great job you do for us and it’s one of the reasons we keep coming back to your company.”

Skipper Engineered Products | Harahan, LA



For our custom welded body cylinders, we developed the criteria of: quality, delivery, and price.  All Phase satisfied all three points – emphatically.
1 – QUALITY–precise machining tolerances, durable, proven construction, exacting adherence to design dimensions, stainless piston rods for our marine applications. Quality control is a must, and we’ve yet to have a hitch!
2 – DELIVERY– we needed to shorten delivery times, to help us rotate our stock without drowning in cylinders. Now, we have lead times we can count on.
3 – PRICING- now we have an affordable cylinder that’s a bargain. Since we stock them, and price them to move, we need a manufacturer who would do reasonable quantities and still reward us for a steady volume.
And All Phase has demonstrated another added value – outstanding customer service! All Phase is responsive, consistent, exacting, timely, and reliable.” 

– Birney Rousselle, Skipper Engineered Product