Why Choose A Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders for Any Project!

Choosing the right hydraulic cylinder for your equipment is a common occurrence for many. It is extremely important to match your equipment with the most suitable cylinder. Even though some machinery can utilize standard or off-the-shelf equipment, others cannot. For equipment that cannot run efficiently with off-the-shelf options you will need to look into custom hydraulic cylinders

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

The basic hydraulic cylinder consists of these parts:
• Barrel
• Bottom & bottom connection
• Head
• Piston and Piston Rod connection

With custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, the engineer and customer will work together to produce a version together with precise specification. The customization process allows you to change length, diameter and even materials. You can also alter the construction and/or design of the pistons, valves, and valve manifolds. Lastly, you can customize the port positions, mountings, and even integrate functions.

custom hydraulic cylinder

Why Custom Hydraulic Cylinder?

Built With Your Requirements

With the customization process, you will receive a hydraulic cylinder that addresses your unique needs and concerns. The selected engineers will collaborate closely with your company to ensure the result will meet the explicit needs of your equipment and job. When you choose to customize your equipment rather than use standard products, you can install a product that is specific to your machinery. There will be no over or under-engineering resulting from a need to compromise. Your company can avoid many problems that can arise from trying to force a standard hydraulic cylinder to work in a custom-made machine.

Options to Consider

Most of the off-shelf cylinders available are the tie-rod cylinders. They tend to be bulkier, have limitations for the installation process and tend to require additional service and maintenance than custom hydraulic cylinders.

There are other options for additional lift or push capacity, even with larger rods. The customized designs of your choosing will be simple, efficient, and offer you the option to choose the type of return, which is also an essential choice in getting the ideal cylinder for the job.

Difference between standard and custom hydraulic cylinders


As you might expect, the costs that are associated with designing, fabricating, and producing a properly functioned custom hydraulic cylinder can be higher than your standard option. If the stock options are truly not what you are looking for, any upfront costs for a custom hydraulic cylinder would be a minimal cost compared to repairing any damage caused by faulty equipment.


While there are many pros to custom designing your own hydraulic cylinder, one of the cons is time. If your equipment is in stand-still, a custom hydraulic cylinder needs time to be designed, prototyped, and manufactured before it can help your equipment get back up and running. If there is a stock hydraulic cylinder that happens to fit your equipment perfectly, you can be up and running in no time.

We hope this information was useful for you to help decide which route you should go for your hydraulic cylinder needs. The custom hydraulic cylinder has many pros including being built exactly to your specifications and having options for customization. While going the standard route is more cost effective, you might find that some of your needs are being met with the equipment, such as size, while some other needs are unmet like the pressure, rod material, etc.

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