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2017 Newsletter: Cylinder Repair Division

All Phase Hydraulics & Machine believes that a quality cylinder repair is more than just seals and new paint. We pride ourselves on our ability to return a cylinder to its original specifications or better.


Tom Andrus
Tom Andrus
cylinder repair division
Eugene DeBoer

Let’s meet some of the team that is part of the division working hard to deliver quality cylinder repair to you!  

This June, Gene decided to use his thirty years of experience in sales to benefit the team at All Phase Hydraulics. Instead of buying and selling pallets for Kamps Pallets, he now advertises for both the repair and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. Before Gene was in sales, he farmed for thirteen years; now he goes out to Iowa twice a year to get his farming fix at his brother’s farm. Gene and his wife Ruth Ann have six children and eighteen grandchildren.

Tom has joined All Phase Hydraulics to lend a helping hand to the manufacturing division. He has worked hard to assemble, package and ship brand new cylinders hot off the machines. Before joining us, Tom worked for a year as an IT Field Engineer. Tom spends his free time outdoors doing anything from camping to kayaking to skeet shooting.

We are so proud of the members that we have on our team. All Phase Hydraulics is dedicated to meeting our consumer needs, and we make sure that each and every employee has the same dedication and focus that we do. We are excited to show off our hard-working employees and recognize them for the way they help our company run. Please Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how we can help you with your specific needs. We cannot wait to hear from you, and look forward to partnering with you. Give us a call today at 616.669.3975