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Custom Hydraulic Repair throughout Michigan

Is your current hydraulic machinery not efficiently working and slowing down business? All Phase is proud to offer you custom hydraulic repair services that lower your cost, improve your machine productivity, and keep peak system efficiency. We will work quickly to get your hydraulic equipment repaired and finished as soon as possible to make sure you are able to continue your work. We offer various hydraulic repair services: custom hydraulic rebuilds, hydraulic hose repair, water pump repair, and even custom hydraulic repair. 

Custom Hydraulic Repairs 

Hydraulic Rebuilds 

Hydraulic Hose Repair 

Water Pump Repair 

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help with any of your hydraulic repair service needs! 

Custom Hydraulic Repair​

We are working hard to make sure that we offer sufficient Hydraulic Repair Services for our various clients. Our Custom Hydraulic Repair allows us to figure out the issue with your hydraulic machinery and to come up with a solution that is feasible for us and works well for you. We will help figure out the issue you are having with your hydraulics, get the necessary parts to get your machine working again, and repair your hydraulic problem – whatever it may be. Our custom hydraulic solutions are more than just unique, they also lower costs for our customers, improve the productivity of our customers’ machines, and keep your hydraulic systems at peak efficiency. Keeping costs low allows us to work with our clients to fit everything they want in the project. Our custom hydraulic services improve the productivity of your machines by updating them and making sure that they are working properly. You will not lose days or weeks of work trying to get the machines fixed if they develop issues. 

Although we provide an excellent variety of repair services, it is important to keep up with your machine maintenance which will help keep the machines in peak condition – resulting in less likelihood of breakdown or issues.

Hydraulic Rebuilds

We have the latest technology to create anything needed for almost all hydraulic systems. If you have a broken part, we can replace it or replicate it to get your equipment back up and running. If your hydraulic equipment is beyond replacing, we can rebuild it to ensure your hydraulic system and components are restored to like new again. Our machine shop services have all the necessary tools and inventory to get your hydraulics back to optimal performance before you know it! 


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-Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Hose Repair

All Phase Hydraulics offers hydraulic hose repair for your machinery! If your machine is leaking it could mean an eroded piece & the hydraulic hose may need repair. If you need assistance getting your machinery back up and running, please get in touch with us today, our staff is experienced in diagnosing Hydraulic Hose issues & making sure that they are repaired in a timely fashion so that you & your machinery is working smoothly. We offer custom hydraulic solutions based on your individual needs for your business! If you aren’t sure what is wrong with your machine, we also offer a custom hydraulic repair! Contact us today for more information!

Our blog talks more about this- 4 Ways To Tell It’s Time To Repair Your Hydraulic Hose

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Water Pump Repairs

Do you have a water pump that needs repair or maintenance? We will repair water pumps such as those used for storm water pumping, irrigation, and sewage pumping. We will come check your pumps for issues and repair them as quickly as possible to cause the least amount of damage to your business with a defective pump. We want to get you back up and running as soon as we can because our customers and their businesses are our number one priority.

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