Welcome to Our January 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to 2012 and the st art of our 23rd year in business. The Lord is good and we are humbled that He would use us as instruments in His hands to carry out His purpose. Thanks be to Him!

We often hear the comment “Where have all the years gone?” Some of us here at SpeedWrench found ourselves asking this question a lot the past year. Up until now we did not spend much time dwelling on it, we were busy “doing business” as they say. There were always new opportunities, the day to day tasks of taking care of our customers, and providing employment for our people. None of that has changed and still time continues to march on bringing the natural changes in life.

In the fall of 2010 we began to explore business succession options. By early 2011 it was becoming clear that ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) was the only acceptable option for us. We felt that our employees were the ones who helped build up the company to what it is today, and they were not only deserving of this consideration but also the ONLY ones who would carry on the business culture and customer service goals you have come to expect. With this in mind we implemented the ESOP plan and are proud to announce that we are officially an Employee Owned Company!

Our prayer is that the Lord will prosper this endeavor for His Glory. ~ The Management

New Team Members!

The last half of the year continued where the first half left off – Busy! With this demand continuing, we had to make some changes around the Hydraulic shop. In September we hired two additions to our staff, Bart Boorsma and Nathan Bergs. Bart works on a cylinder bench and Nathan is the helping hand around the shop, keeping it clean for a safe working environment. And then again in December we added two new employees to our team, Mike Gromko and Mitch Nozkowski. Mike works in the machining department and Mitch works on a cylinder bench. Welcome all four of you to the Team!

Nathan Bergs
Mitch Nozkowski
Mike Gromko
Bart Boorsma