Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild 101: Warning Signs and Symptoms

Hydraulic cylinders are an essential component of many industrial machines and equipment. They convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical force so machines can perform tasks like lifting and pressing with incredible power and force!

Over time, hydraulic cylinders can wear out, resulting in reduced performance, leakage, and other issues. Knowing when to get a hydraulic cylinder rebuilt is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your hydraulic equipment. 

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Signs That You May Need a Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

Reduced Performance From your Hydraulic Equipment

Reduced performance is one of the most obvious indicators that it’s time to get your hydraulic cylinder rebuilt. If your machinery is no longer operating to its full potential, your hydraulic cylinder very well may need some upkeep. A cylinder that is worn out or damaged will struggle to produce the required force to operate the equipment efficiently. The end results in reduced performance.

Hydraulic Fluid Leakage

Leakage is another indicator that your hydraulic cylinder may need rebuilding. Hydraulic fluid is a necessity for hydraulics to function properly. Any leakage of hydraulic fluid is an immediate sign that something is wrong.

Damaged piston rods, worn-out seals, and other underlying problems might result in hydraulic leakage. It is important to get your cylinder inspected and possibly rebuilt if you see any hydraulic fluid escaping from it.

Excessive Noise

If you notice excessive noise or vibration in your equipment, it could be a sign that your hydraulic cylinder needs attention. Misaligned or damaged components can cause excessive noise and vibration, indicating that the cylinder needs to be rebuilt or repaired.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

Corrosion or Damage

Although hydraulic cylinders are built to persist under strenuous conditions, over time they may corrode or sustain damage. Corrosion or damage to the cylinder barrel, piston rod, or other components may result in reduced performance, leakage, or other problems. It is time to get your hydraulic cylinder rebuilt if you spot any indications of rust or damage.

Frequent Maintenance and Repair Costs

If you find yourself frequently having your hydraulic cylinder repaired or replacing components, it may be time to have it rebuilt. Frequent repairs can be a sign that the cylinder is worn out or damaged and needs attention or a possible rebuild.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hydraulic cylinders are an essential component of many industrial machines and equipment. Decreased performance, leakage, and excessive noise are all symptoms that may indicate that it’s time for a rebuild. You can make sure that your equipment performs at its peak efficiency by having it inspected and diagnosed by a professional. All-Phase Hydraulics specializes in all things hydraulics and we would love to help!