Quality, Delivery, Price!

Custom Welded Body Cylinders

“For our custom welded body cylinders, we developed the criteria of: quality, delivery, and price. All Phase Hydraulics satisfied all three points – emphatically.”

1. QUALITY – Precise machining tolerances, durable, proven construction, exacting adherence to design dimensions, stainless piston rods for our marine application. Quality control is a must, and we’ve yet to have a hitch!

2. DELIVERY – We needed to shorten delivery times, to help us rotate our stock without drowning in cylinders.  Now, we have lead times we can count on.

3. PRICING – Now we have an affordable cylinder that’s a bargain. Since we stock them, and price them to move, we need a manufacturer who would do reasonable quantities and still reward us for a steady volume.

“Also, All Phase has demonstrated another added value – outstanding customer service! All Phase is responsive, consistent, exacting, timely, and reliable.”custom welded body cylinders