Things to Check if your Hydraulic System Isn’t Working

Save Time and Money by Gathering All the Information Possible on your Down Equipment

It can be challenging to own hydraulic equipment sometimes, especially when your company relies on them very much to keep business rolling. When your system stops working as it should, we would encourage you to do some evaluating of your machinery before you have an experienced mechanic come in for repairs. Please note – hiring an experienced mechanic is always going to be a smart decision when it comes to your equipment, but try to get the most information possible so that your mechanic can evaluate the machinery and equipment in the best and most efficient way. Saving you time and money!

Gather Information on The Issue

First thing is first when it comes to your Hydraulic System. If things are not running smoothly like normal, do your best to gather the most amount of information possible to explain the issue. This requires you to pay attention closely, we would even encourage you to take notes if you are able! Is your equipment operation slow or is your machine completely un-functioning? Is there a lot of noise or vibrations happening? Do your best to gather the most amount of information on what exactly is happening with your equipment as you try and use it. It might be that your equipment isn’t functioning at all and that you really aren’t able to gather too much information. The next step is going to be trying to put together some finer details about the overall issues. For example, if you are experiencing a large increase in vibration or noise when you are operating your equipment – when is it happening? Is it only when you are in a certain gear? Or is it 100% of the time. When did the issues start, and when was the last time you had your equipment or machine maintenanced? All of these details are good things to help you begin the troubleshooting process as you think about the various issues that could be happening within your hydraulic systems.

things to check if your hydraulic system isn't working

Rule Out Common Issues

The next step would be to rule out any common issues or problems that might be preventing your hydraulic systems from working to the best of their ability. These problems could be anything from overheating hydraulic fluid, to improper hydraulic fluid levels, to even a hydraulic leak or dirty/clogged filters. These common problems can be the cause of a lot of hydraulic system drama in your company, so take the time to check them out first if you are able. Now let’s take a look at some other issues that might be the root of your hydraulic system issues.

Other Possible Issues

Too Thick or Too Cold of Hydraulic Fluid

Having too thick or too cold of hydraulic fluid can cause various issues within your systems including slow operation and unpredictable operations. Another culprit could be air in your system. These things can really take a toll on your system if not addressed properly. So be sure to let your mechanic know if you suspect any of these problems with your hydraulic system.

Insufficient Oil, Incorrect Fluid, or Contamination

A common issue that seems to arise is with an excessive amount of noise or vibration with your equipment or machine. This could be a result of an insufficient amount of oil or even contamination. Be sure to check that your machine has enough oil and that the oil is not showing signs of air within the fluid. It’s possible that there are other issues causing noise and vibrations such as internal issues with bearings or couplings that might not be secured properly.

Fluid Leak

A fluid leak although maybe minor initially can cause big problems for your machinery if not addressed. Leaking fluid can also lead to many other issues with contamination and damaging parts. A fluid leak is likely due to worn out seals, damaged lines, or bad connections – so be sure to take a look at each of them before deciding how to move forward.

When dealing with the complexity that comes with hydraulic machinery and systems, there is often many different possibilities of things that could have caused the problem you are seeing come to fruition. Consulting with a experienced hydraulics mechanic or machinist is almost always the best decision for your equipment. If you have any questions regarding repairs or replacements for your hydraulics, please contact us today. We are happy to help in any way that we can.

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