Quality, Delivery, Price!

Custom Welded Body Cylinders

“For our custom welded body cylinders, we developed the criteria of: quality, delivery, and price. All Phase Hydraulics satisfied all three points – emphatically.”

1. QUALITY – Precise machining tolerances, durable, proven construction, exacting adherence to design dimensions, stainless piston rods for our marine application. Quality control is a must, and we’ve yet to have a hitch!

2. DELIVERY – We needed to shorten delivery times, to help us rotate our stock without drowning in cylinders.  Now, we have lead times we can count on.

3. PRICING – Now we have an affordable cylinder that’s a bargain. Since we stock them, and price them to move, we need a manufacturer who would do reasonable quantities and still reward us for a steady volume.

“Also, All Phase has demonstrated another added value – outstanding customer service! All Phase is responsive, consistent, exacting, timely, and reliable.”custom welded body cylinders

July 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to Our July 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to our biannual edition of “The Wrench”. Time sure flies! It’s hard to believe already half the year of 2012 has passed us by! There has been a LOT of activity
since the first of January. Here is a brief summary of some activities in the last six months:
* Our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) was finalized.
* We purchased additional property just south of our current facility for future expansion.
* We are renting additional space at Hudsonville storage for our expanding truck dock business.
* We have expanded our areas of business into Detroit and Toledo, OH for our Compactor and Truck Divisions.
* Since January 1 we have hired 10 additional employees! As you see, there has been a lot of exciting things happening at Speed Wrench

and, Lord willing, many more to come!

~ The Management

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Welcome Steve, Welcome Back Gary!

Steve Griffin

All Phase Hydraulics would like to welcome back Gary Sluis after being absent from us for seven months. He is now back and working at his lathe, turning parts as if he had never left! Glad to have you back Gary! 

We are also welcoming new team member Steve!