Repair, Replace, or Rebuild Your Hydraulic Equipment?

When your hydraulic equipment fails, there is no time to waste when trying to get it back up and running. You have the option to either repair, replace, or rebuild your equipment- but which do you choose? It is becoming more and more popular to rebuild hydraulic equipment rather than purchasing new equipment or having existing equipment repaired. Let’s dive into the reasons behind what a rebuild is and why rebuilds are the more popular choice so when you’re faced with hydraulic equipment failure you can make an informed decision.

What is an Equipment Rebuild?

The definition of a rebuild can vary from shop to shop but typically an equipment rebuild is a piece of equipment that has been previously used and reconditioned for further use. Not only can expert rebuilders restore a piece of equipment to OEM specifications, but they can also exceed the quality of a brand-new machine. A rebuild is different than a repair because a repair’s primary focus is on fixing the individual parts involved in failure. It is also different from purchasing used equipment which usually has not been refurbished or reconditioned.

To properly rebuild equipment, it will be completely dissembled so that each piece can be thoroughly inspected. The parts should be evaluated for damage, wear, and effect on the overall longevity of the component. The replacement and reconditioning of parts are performed as needed, the component is then reassembled, and undergoes thorough quality and performance testing.

Rebuilding Hydraulic Equipment is Less Expensive

The overall popularity of rebuilding hydraulic equipment is due to the lower cost that comes with it. A rebuild typically costs about half the price of a new piece of equipment, and this typically includes hydraulic motors and pumps. While you think repairs might be initially cheaper, it will only be a matter of time before the equipment fails and more repairs will be needed.

In the long run, rebuilds typically end up being cheaper than repairs and are definitely less expensive than purchasing new replacement parts.

Rebuild Your Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Rebuilds are High Quality

Even though rebuilt equipment has been used previously, it represents exceptional value. When your equipment is rebuilt by an expert, it goes through a rigorous process that includes the replacement of seals and bearings, evaluation of individual parts for their remaining life expectancy, replacing those parts that are irreparably damaged, and restoring parts that can be refurbished.

The result that comes from this process is a hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor that is like new- and considerably better than new. It has the potential lifespan of 75% of a brand-new motor or pump, but at about half the price- and who doesn’t love that?!

Considerably Shorter Lead Times for Hydraulic Rebuilds

When choosing to rebuild your hydraulic equipment rather than purchasing new equipment is usually because time is of the essence. A certified rebuild typically involves a much shorter lead time because there is significant time that is spent waiting for replacement parts to possibly be manufactured THEN delivered. The longer you wait for those replacement parts, the longer your machine is down, which creates production cost issues and downtime for employees.

When all these hiccups are taken into consideration, rebuilds are often considered the most economical option. A rebuilt piece of equipment, such as a cylinder or motor, can be refurbished quickly, minimizing your downtime of equipment and staff involved.

Here at All Phase Hydraulics, we will offer you a solid hydraulic rebuild that provides your equipment with the quality and increased lifespan that you need at a price that you can afford. We pride ourselves in performing your rebuilds quickly so that your company can get back to business.

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