Welcome to Our July 2014 Newsletter

We hear a lot about “bundling” these days. Bundle your TV, internet and phone. Well, we at the Speed Wrench Group have been “bundling” long before the term was popular. You ask, what do you mean? We have been bundling your different repair needs for years and we keep expanding on it!

1. Need your truck repaired? How about your wheelchair lift or boom crane mounted on the truck? Need alignment or body work? We can do that for you! We have technicians that specialize in all these different areas.

2. How about your compactor and baler needs? Need a new overhead door or loading dock repaired or replaced at the same time? We can do that! How about a short or long term service contract? Done!

3. Hydraulic cylinder leaking? No problem! We can repair it or make you a new one. Need your hydraulic pump or motor rebuilt? You guessed it. We can do that too!

So you see, bundling is not a new concept at all for Speed Wrench, we just call it, “doing business!”
~The Management

Nine months ago, All Phase began a new division focused on manufacturing welded hydraulic cylinders. Each month sales have increased gradually and the orders continue to come in. It appears we entered the marketplace at an excellent time. Later this year, in order to aid the efficiency of both All Phase divisions, the manufacturing group will move into new space to the west of the current All Phase building.

All Phase Logo

Steve Gaffin, who has done territory sales for All Phase for about a year and a half, has been charged with developing the new division’s customer base, overseeing product design and material acquisition.

We are excited about the progress we’ve made and look forward to, Lord willing, a continuous growth in our division!

5 new employees joined the manufacturing group, all with experience in this specific industry!

Shop Updates

Our Production Manager, Tony Feliciano, oversees the manufacturing process at all stages and has insured that quality products are being shipped every time. Tony is hands-on all day too, doing machining, testing, assembling, painting and packaging.

Rob Uecker, our machinist, programs and runs two lathes and one machining center. Rob’s attention to detail is invaluable.

Assisting Rob is Brian Feliciano, Tony’s son, who keeps parts moving in and out of the machines.

Dan Preist, a certified welder, does all of our welding. Dan’s welds not only consistently pass our hydraulic test requirements; they are cosmetically exceptional as well. Dan also helps where needed in the assembly and packaging process.

Rick Feliciano, Tony’s brother, does all of the cutting of tube, rod and parts material. He also helps where needed in the assembly and packaging process.