Welcome to Our July 2011 Newsletter


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We welcome back to All Phase, Jeff Truax!! Jeff was an employee back when All Phase was in Marne, MI. Due to a slow economy Jeff took a job at AIS Engine where he worked in the pump shop for 10 years. From there he moved on to North Carolina where he worked for 2 years at a Cat dealer in their pump shop. Eventually Jeff and his family decided to move back to “Pure Michigan” and we are so glad they did. Jeff is now back working at All Phase and is responsible for all repair, quoting, and assembly of pumps, motors, and valves. It’s good to have you back Jeff!

Upgrading Machinery

We have also recently upgraded our machining department by replacing our old lathe and mill with new in order to keep our equipment up to date and help us turn our parts out quickly and efficiently.

hydraulic repair services

Willis Lathe

Sharp Vertical Mill

Sharp Vertical Mill

Hard At Work