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Welcome to the New Year 2010! It seems like yesterday that we began a new century. Remember the Y2K scare? Now here we are with yet another decade behind us and the Lord continues to supply our needs with work every day. Truly He has been good to us as a Company and we must acknowledge this every day. May we be good stewards of everything that He entrusts to us and may our work always be for His glory and honor in this world.
Looking back at the January ‘07 and ‘08 Newsletter, it was stated that the previous year had been challenging. 2009 was no different. With the economic downturn of late 2008 and into 2009, most businesses have experienced a slowdown in work. To counteract this at Speed Wrench, we have not only expanded our service offerings but also implemented some new programs geared to reducing customers maintenance cost. We pride ourselves in not just repairing equipment but partnering with our customers to look for new and innovative ways of containing these costs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with our customers in the years to come. Thank You!
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From All Phase Hydraulics

“Custom”er Service

As we often point out here at All Phase Hydraulics & Machine, LLC, “It’s our service that makes the difference”. Recently a customer called us and informed us that they had bought a new “used” machine and they wanted us to go through and quote each of the machine’s 12 cylinders for repair. Upon inspection, we found that the cylinders were not repairable. We ended up manufacturing 13 new cylinders to specifications, cleaning and rebuilding the hydraulic power unit, and going onsite to the customer’s location to plumb the entire machine and to install the new cylinders. This is definitely not what the customer originally had in mind when they had purchased this used machine, but we delivered a customized solution to meet their unique needs. Call us with your hydraulic challenges! (616) 669-3975.

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