January 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to Our January 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to 2012 and the st art of our 23rd year in business. The Lord is good and we are humbled that He would use us as instruments in His hands to carry out His purpose. Thanks be to Him!

We often hear the comment “Where have all the years gone?” Some of us here at SpeedWrench found ourselves asking this question a lot the past year. Up until now we did not spend much time dwelling on it, we were busy “doing business” as they say. There were always new opportunities, the day to day tasks of taking care of our customers, and providing employment for our people. None of that has changed and still time continues to march on bringing the natural changes in life.

In the fall of 2010 we began to explore business succession options. By early 2011 it was becoming clear that ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) was the only acceptable option for us. We felt that our employees were the ones who helped build up the company to what it is today, and they were not only deserving of this consideration but also the ONLY ones who would carry on the business culture and customer service goals you have come to expect. With this in mind we implemented the ESOP plan and are proud to announce that we are officially an Employee Owned Company!

Our prayer is that the Lord will prosper this endeavor for His Glory. ~ The Management

New Team Members!

The last half of the year continued where the first half left off – Busy! With this demand continuing, we had to make some changes around the Hydraulic shop. In September we hired two additions to our staff, Bart Boorsma and Nathan Bergs. Bart works on a cylinder bench and Nathan is the helping hand around the shop, keeping it clean for a safe working environment. And then again in December we added two new employees to our team, Mike Gromko and Mitch Nozkowski. Mike works in the machining department and Mitch works on a cylinder bench. Welcome all four of you to the Team!

Nathan Bergs
Mitch Nozkowski
Mike Gromko
Bart Boorsma

July 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to Our July 2011 Newsletter


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We welcome back to All Phase, Jeff Truax!! Jeff was an employee back when All Phase was in Marne, MI. Due to a slow economy Jeff took a job at AIS Engine where he worked in the pump shop for 10 years. From there he moved on to North Carolina where he worked for 2 years at a Cat dealer in their pump shop. Eventually Jeff and his family decided to move back to “Pure Michigan” and we are so glad they did. Jeff is now back working at All Phase and is responsible for all repair, quoting, and assembly of pumps, motors, and valves. It’s good to have you back Jeff!

Upgrading Machinery

We have also recently upgraded our machining department by replacing our old lathe and mill with new in order to keep our equipment up to date and help us turn our parts out quickly and efficiently.

hydraulic repair services

Willis Lathe

Sharp Vertical Mill

Sharp Vertical Mill

Hard At Work

January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to Our January 2011 Newsletter

2011. What will it bring we ask’? Nobody knows for sure but we face it in the confidence that the Lord will direct our ways. We at Speed Wrench have experienced this direction in a very real way this past year. We entered the new year with a certain amount of fear and trepidation not knowing what the economy held in store. Looking back we stand amazed again at the Lord’s goodness in 2010. He led us by giving us work for the day, every day and ultimately a successful year. Praise be to Him! Many of the new ventures we started in 2010 have had a chance to develop and gain trac­tion. You, our customer, have let it be known that you appreciate these new offerings. Thank you for your input and encouragement. You me the ones who help by suggesting new services and ideas. We cannot honor all of them, but we will ALWAYS look at those ideas that will enhance our services to you. OUR business is to help make YOUR business successful! We can help by maintaining your vehicles and equipment properly ·while you concentrate on growing your business. We arc excited about continuing that relationship in 20l l. Thank you!

From All Phase Hydraulics

We at the All Phase division have had a busy year! Not only have we had a full steady workload this year, but we have also had growing pains. The result of which has allowed us
to hire three new employees this year.

Brent Overway was hired in March as a parts runner primarily for the eastern side of the state. In August, we hired Tom Boorsma Jr. to work on the bench as cylinder technician. Finally we would like to welcome Jon Swiler who was hired in as a salesman. Jon’s territory includes primarily the central part of the state. If you have any hydraulic needs in that part of the state, give him a call at (517)348-6795.

Brent Overway
Jon Swiler
tom boorsma

July 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to Our July 2010 Newsletter

Finally, Summer! Warm weather! With it comes a renewed excitement about the future. We have noticed a nice uptick on work since spring. Maybe the weather has something to do vvith it but we have experienced a noticeable increase in workload company wide and a vvillingness on the part of you, our customers to make some long term commitments in regard to your repair needs. We continue to work very closely to give you the best value for your dollar and maximize your profit potential. Having just experienced (hopefully) a once in a lifetime economic dovvnturn we are cau­tiously optimistic about the future and will continue to be there to help you navigate these trou­bled waters. Thank you for your confidence in Speed Wrench. ~The Management
From All Phase Hydraulics & Machine “Our service makes the difference” – and it shows lately.  We have experienced a recent surge in our cylinder repair business in the last couple months. Though we can manufacture brand new hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and applications, it is often the most cost effective solution to simply repair your existing broken cylinder.  We clean and rebuild cylinders and hydraulic power units to a “like-new” condition.  We can pickup, deliver, and provide a customized solution to meet your unique needs.  Call us with you hydraulic challenges.  616-669-3975

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all phase hydraulics newsletter

January 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to Our January 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the New Year 2010! It seems like yesterday that we began a new century. Remember the Y2K scare? Now here we are with yet another decade behind us and the Lord continues to supply our needs with work every day. Truly He has been good to us as a Company and we must acknowledge this every day. May we be good stewards of everything that He entrusts to us and may our work always be for His glory and honor in this world. Looking back at the January ‘07 and ‘08 Newsletter, it was stated that the previous year had been challenging. 2009 was no different. With the economic downturn of late 2008 and into 2009, most businesses have experienced a slowdown in work. To counteract this at Speed Wrench, we have not only expanded our service offerings but also implemented some new programs geared to reducing customers maintenance cost. We pride ourselves in not just repairing equipment but partnering with our customers to look for new and innovative ways of containing these costs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with our customers in the years to come. Thank You! ~ The Management

From All Phase Hydraulics

“Custom”er Service As we often point out here at All Phase Hydraulics & Machine, LLC, “It’s our service that makes the difference”. Recently a customer called us and informed us that they had bought a new “used” machine and they wanted us to go through and quote each of the machine’s 12 cylinders for repair. Upon inspection, we found that the cylinders were not repairable. We ended up manufacturing 13 new cylinders to specifications, cleaning and rebuilding the hydraulic power unit, and going onsite to the customer’s location to plumb the entire machine and to install the new cylinders. This is definitely not what the customer originally had in mind when they had purchased this used machine, but we delivered a customized solution to meet their unique needs. Call us with your hydraulic challenges! (616) 669-3975.

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all phase hydraulics newsletter

July 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to Our July 2009 Newsletter

As 2009 moves into the second half of the year, Speed Wrench continues to move with it into some new and exciting opportunities. As you read through the different divisions you will notice that we continue to investigate new areas of customer service while maintaining our core values of customer satisfaction and “right now” service. Feel free to call any of the contact numbers listed with ideas on how we can improve. We value your input. Thanks! ~The Management

From All Phase Hydraulics

Pole Puller
Pole Puller
In the All Phase Hydraulics Division, we continue to gain new customers through referrals, mainly because of our superior service. Check out a few of our testimonials at: www.allphasehydraulics.com/testimonial We have also been doing more custom machine design and production. One of our latest productions is a “pole puller”. This machine mounts on the front of a skid-steer loader to easily remove telephone poles out of the ground. It uses a powerful hydraulic cylinder with a 4″ solid rod with a 24″ stroke. This unit is a “must have” for telecommunications and utility companies, municipalities, and demolition contractors. Call us for details at 616-669-3975.

January 2009 Newsletter

Welcome To Our January 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to 2009. As we begin another new year with its challenging economic environment and the uncertainty it brings, may we start each day by seeking our guidance from the Lord who controls all the events of our life and the world around us. 20 years. This is how long we have been “privileged to serve you”. That has been our business philosophy since our inception and we want to thank you, our customer, for helping us achieve this milestone. There is a lot of talk about customer service these days, but we feel that Speed Wrench has not just TALKED about it but has DELIVERED!

From All Phase Hydraulics

We would like to take this moment and welcome a couple new employees. The first is Bob Stevens. Bob started for us the end of September 2008 as a pickup and delivery driver. Bob has taken the place of Don Brown who has decided that it was time to retire. We miss him and wish him well. We would also like to welcome Gary Sluis. Gary joined us in August 2008 and works in the machining department. Gary’s primary responsibilities are running our CAD/CAM software and he runs our CNC lathe.
All Phase has recently added Mobile/Onsite repair service for hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, hydraulic hoses, as well as press and production line equipment.

Bob Stevens
Gary Sluis